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We provided our unique design expertise to the Dofygate project. The Dofygate is an electrified gate built specifically for farms. The gate is automatically operated (opened and closed) via a keyfob from a farmer’s vehicle so that the labor…

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Pure Water Company

The Pure Water Company manufactures designer drinks dispensers suitable for use in the most aesthetically and physically demanding environments. If you need an visually pleasing, robust and reliable machine to dispense drinks, this is a …

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‘TAILIT’ manufacture a truly innovative system to improve vehicle safety when bicycles are strapped on the rear of vehicles. It is unfortunately all too common that holiday makers strap bikes to cars without realising that the warning li…

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Ikawa Coffee

The Ikawa coffee roaster’s remarkable characteristic is its ability to optimally roast coffee beans. This feature is highly prized by coffee connoisseurs. Each type of bean can have its own special temperature profile programmed into the…

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The C2020, made by OLE UK Ltd, is an innovative fuel gauge sensor that works with all shapes and sizes of fuel tank. Any shape of tank, be it vertical cylindrical, horizontal cylindrical, vertical or horizontal cylindrical with dished en…

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Actuators Direct

Actuators Direct manufacture some of the most innovative window and door control systems available on the market, incorporating the latest communications technologies and working with the best BMSs (building management systems).

Newbury …

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Schleifring Systems Ltd

As part of an upgrade for Royal Navy ship-board radar systems, Newbury Innovation designed this “hours run” meter for Schleifring Systems Ltd.

Besides undertaking the electronic desi…

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Watchman Radar

The Watchman radar is a system still widely used at regional airports worldwide despite being designed 25 years ago.

It is a respected and trusted system which is required to have 100% availability. Failure of the radar system…

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Plumis Ltd

Automist uses water mist technology to suppress kitchen fires. It runs from a standard domestic mains water supply, water mist jets being installed underneath a standard tap. If a kitchen fire starts the system is triggered automatically…

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The Routescene GPScamera is an unique integrated sensor consisting of a video camera, GPS sensor and optional IMU within one custom designed housing.

The unit is mounted on a vehicle and a single cable supplies the power and tr…

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Our team provided the design and development for this remarkable safety device. Our extensive knowledge of previous medical design projects proved invaluable in achieving a successful product.

The product is worn on the headban…

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Welcome to Newbury Innovation. We’re an electronics company specialising in creating electronic design and development solutions. We’re a division of Newbury Electronics who have worked in the electronics industry for over 50 years.

Newbury Innovation are one of the few electronic design companies in the UK who can offer a complete solution for every stage of your project. We provide our expertise through the entire electronic design process; from concept through to production and delivery of the final finished product.

Within our team we have some of the most experienced and capable electronic engineers in the UK. We’ve tackled challenging projects in a wide range of industries, ranging from industrial and commercial right through to other areas such as military and medical. Over the years we have developed and refined our processes to ensure that we provide our clients with an unrivalled, cost-effective and ultra-efficient electronic design service.

Problems with offshore suppliers?

Getting no response from your Far-East electronics supplier to your requests for information, improvements or modifications? We can help.

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Offshore supplier problems

Need complete technical support?

Are you looking to improve your electronics systems but have little technical information about it? Try our technical team.

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Technical Support

The electronic design process

From concept to production - we have a detailed electronic design process which can be tracked through our unique project management system.

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Electronic design process

Want rapid technical response?

Is your current electronic design engineer a sole trader and is the support you're receiving too slow and erratic? We offer a reliable solution.

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Technical response

Electronic design solutions

From complete design solutions to specific input, our electronic designers are experienced in analogue, digital, RF, power circuitry, firmware & software.

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Electronic design services

Looking for concept to product development?

If you have a concept for a new product and want the whole product designed including electronics and enclosures, we have all the capabilities in-house.

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Concept to production

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How to CE Mark A Product

Gain access to exclusive and valuable information about CE marking.

CE Marking
The majority of products require CE Marking before they can be sold in the EU and affiliated countries. It proves your product has been fully assessed and meets all safety, health and environmental protection requirements of the EU.
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