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About Newbury Innovation

Who are Newbury Innovation?

We are the electronic design and development division of Newbury Electronics Ltd. We were born from the vision where all processes of product design, development, and manufacture were under the control of one integrated company, all based in the UK. We are located in Newbury, Berkshire in the UK. This is very close to London and is easily accessible from Oxford, Swindon and Reading.

How can we help you?

With our state of the art facilities, we can handle every stage of your electronic design project. We have over 60 years experience in the industry but never stop striving for innovation. We understand how it is a fundamental part of a design idea. We provide cost effective product design, product development, prototyping and 3D CAD services.

Choosing Newbury Innovation gives you a complete turnkey solution for your electronic design needs. Feasibility studies lead to project specification and development. Next is product delivery and commissioning. Then engineering maintenance and support for the lifetime of the product.

This is what we mean when we say that we offer a complete electronic design service . We’ll help you refine your concept and establish if it is feasible within your budget. We’ll develop both your software and hardware together, making sure that they function in harmony. We’ll test the progress of your project at every step of its development, and then we’ll even carry on supporting you once the project is completed.

Frequent customers

We offer an ideal route to market for inventors, individuals, start-ups and established companies of all industries. Whether you have a brand new product idea or an existing product that needs improving – we can make it happen. Our communication is top notch, informing you every step of the way.

Newbury Innovation is located within the contract electronic manufacturing facilities of Newbury Electronics Ltd. Our sister companies PCB Train and Newbury Electronics are thriving businesses in their own right and have been providing state of the art electronic products to customers for over 60 years. We share facilities with these veterans of electronic design, and we use their expertise to inform and enhance our own work.

These close links create a seamless transition from design to manufacture. This makes us completely unique in what we can offer you as a design company. This close connection helps us work quicker and more effectively, so that you benefit.

Engineering creativity thrives when immersed in a busy manufacturing environment. Design for manufacture is inherent in everything we do. It works in reverse too, our project management software incorporates techniques of production management. This exchange of information helps us improve the service that we can provide to you.

We provide electronic design services at reasonable cost, with the option of technical support for the lifetime of your product under our sustainable engineering programme. Just because a brief has been completed it does not mean that it’s then out of our hands. Our sustainable engineering program means that we offer you ongoing support if you need it.

The Newbury Electronics group

PCB Train

PCB Train

Printed Circuit Boards can be ordered online through PCB Train - the express 24 hour PCB prototyping service.

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Newbury Electonics

Newbury Electonics

Established since 1956, Newbury Electronics is a leading electronics manufacturing company in the UK.

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