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Software/firmware Design Engineer

Job Description

This is a role that combines an opportunity to develop products that vary from client to client, always enhancing, testing and challenging engineers, regardless of their experience, and, stemming from NI management’s philosophy of inclusion and growth of its staff, responsibility for and accountability in all the aspects of good project management and the effective running of a blossoming business.

The main duty is to develop application software/middleware/firmware for products based on embedded hardware, and to work with hardware engineers, production, management, suppliers and clients to effect first class design and development.

This role will demand technical competence and an ability to communicate with all the parties involved in product development.

Technical Skills

Competence in the following is required:

  • Understanding of electronic engineering to a level allowing design and development of straightforward circuits and the ability to understand product data sheets.
  • Familiarity with the use and interpretation of the test equipment used in design of electronics, e.g. an oscilloscope.
  • Be able to develop firmware/middleware/application-software for embedded targets
  • Develop Apps, on Apple and Android platforms.
  • Develop high level software for web based applications
  • Be familiar with any or all of the following languages: C, Java, Python, html/css/javascript.
  • Have the ability to write firmware for PIC or ARM based microcontroller applications
  • Be literate and able to write technical specifications and software documention.


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The benefits include: high salary, performance bonus and the usual conditions expected of a role of this importance.

Personal Attributes

This role requires that the successful candidate can effectively deal with a wide range of individuals of varied disciplines, e.g. management, engineers, clients, suppliers, production, sales, etc. This demands high levels of confidence, integrity, literacy, commercial awareness and that said person is very articulate. Coupled with this the person will need to be assiduous by nature, because detail and meticulous maintenance of the same is the essence of engineering.


A good degree in a technical discipline (e.g. Electronic Engineering, Computer Software/Technology)

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