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Circuit Design

An Expert Electronic Circuit Design Company

Our circuit design consultancy experience allows us to provide clients with an outstanding service. We have over 50 years electronic manufacturing experience and this is reflected in the outcome of our projects. We demand the best from ourselves and this means that we go the extra mile to produce the circuit board design you need, just how you imagined it. We’re proven in analog integrated circuit design, radio-frequency design and anything else involving electrical engineering expertise.

Analysis of Your Products Circuit Specification

The first step in the electronic circuit design process is detailed analysis of the project specification. Your requirements are broken down into individual features, the performance of each of which can be verified by one simple test at the end of the project. So no matter how complex your electronic circuit project, each feature is reduced to a manageable bite sized chunk which is 100% testable. One of the most important areas is specific component selections. This is done at this early stage to keep costs low.

All documents will be uploaded to a customer accessible extranet portal e.g. text notes, diagrams, BOM, flow of user interface, etc. The outcome will be a more detailed and granular project specification which is subject to customer review and sign off.

The Circuit Development Process

This electronic circuit design development process is similar for firmware & software as well as hardware. Normally hardware is designed first but if Bluetooth connectivity is required, we may start App development in parallel. After finding and/or create components and footprints in Altium Designer, we will draw up the schematic diagram. At this stage there is an optional client review of the schematic.

Beyond Schematics – In-house Circuit Board Manufacture

After the schematic is approved, we draw up the PCB CAD layout on Altium Designer. First we consider the physical constraints, shape of enclosure, buttons, LEDs, connectors, etc. and draft a mechanical model for optional client approval. Once the mechanical layout is finalised, the PCB tracking is routed. After client approval, we output Gerber and BOMs for prototype build, usually 2 pieces. We’re able to do this entirely in-house due to having full PCB manufacturing capabilities from our sister company Newbury Electronics.


Firmware is the higher level software which for example manages the functionality of a micro-controller (a computer on a chip) and is a major part of most electronic design projects, typically taking up around 50% of the project time.

Firmware development is closely linked to hardware, and needs to be uploaded to complete physical electronic hardware to demonstrate functionality. Some advanced preparation work can be done on firmware such as setting up the project file, work on initialisation and configuring inputs / outputs of microcontrollers. We use languages such as C, C++, and assembly. Typical architectures used are PIC, AVR, and ARM. The compiler we use is GCC.

Android development is written in JAVA. IOS development is written in objective C or Swift. Cross platform and web based development is written in Javascript, HTML, and CSS. Completion of firmware is demonstrated for client approval on prototype hardware.

All of this and more is why we’re the favoured circuit design company by so many businesses, and why we’ve made so many products become a reality.

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PCB Train

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