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Product Design Consultancy

Product Design Consultancy

We’ll take your business and product all the way from an initial idea, to prototype, to fully functioning product. Our service allows our clients to use our expert design, manufacturing and technical expertise to make their idea become reality. No matter if it’s a redesign or new product, we’ll make it effective and efficient to manufacture.

The Design, Development & Test Process

As product consultants, we offer a complete electronic product design and development packages incorporating custom electronics within suitable enclosures. We work closely with professional mechanical designers using the latest 3D CAD tools. Factors that influence electronic product design and test may be practicality, cost, aesthetics, colour, environmental accessibility, or serviceability and these will be incorporated in the design brief. We have designed all manner of enclosures for electronics ranging from those used in swimming pools to devices deployed at the bottom of the ocean. We pay close attention to integrating electronics with enclosure design, this creates low cost and ease of assembly with a quality finish. We’re experts in taking product prototypes all the way from development to the finished product.

Many products today incorporate Bluetooth connectivity to smartphone Apps. However, displays, keypads, controls, and touch sensitive screens are often required to be designed into a product and we incorporate these into the design process as required with our service.

We manage your product design project from prototype to production. We will be able to tell you if your concept is feasible at your budget, or even be able to modernise an old design. We’re there every step of the way to get your project from start to finish.

Practical And Effective

Our product consultancy includes ensuring your product is practical and within your budget and specification – we also make sure design projects are realistically able to be completed.

Full service – product design and development

Our in-house manufacturing capability is unparalleled in comparison to other product design consultants. This means we’re able to offer hardware prototyping if required at all stages of contact. These prototypes range from a proof of concept basic model to a professional standard pre-production prototype.

Your project will fulfill its full potential to our production skills. Development of software, firmware, Apps and smartphone connectivity are created entirely in-house, giving us complete control. This leads to the highest quality of product design possible.

Product Specification

Next is the project specification phase. This is an important part in our prototype development service, we consider this to be essential. This involves defining and agreeing goal posts upon the completion of a design project. It’s also important to focus on what is practical and achievable within your budget.

CE Marking

Understanding CE marking is very important. That’s why we offer consultancy to provide guidance through the process. Depending on budgets, we have a number of different programmes available to help you meet CE marking budgets and costs to suit you – dependent on how much you want to carry out yourself.

We will be able to guide you into meeting self-certification requirements so that you can create an EU declaration of conformity so your product can be certified accordingly. If you already have CE Marking knowledge, we’re able to provide the minimum administration commitment and offer a complete turnkey service.

All aspects of CE marking are covered. We’ll help you bypass the jargon and complications and get your product straight through from testing and approval and get your product to market.

Download our free CE marking white paper.

What is CE marking?

CE Marking is very important. It’s required before going to market that products meet EU directives. Getting this permits the movement of the product within the EU market. This will confirm it’s been assessed correctly, meeting all EU health, safety and environmental directives. This is still relevant as the UK is currently still under this legislation.

CE markings are a requirement. It is a manufacturer’s responsibility to ensure their product meets all of the EU directives and has been risk assessed, as stated previously we’re able to help with this and have vast experience doing so.

A technical file must also be written showing proof of conformity and assessment of risks in accordance with the EU declaration of conformity. CE marking must be placed visibly on your product as well as possibly an identification number issue by the organisation who assessed the product.

EMC EMI safety test for your product prototype

We can guide your product through the EMC testing process.
Download our free EMC Testing white paper.

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