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Project Management


Open communication about your product

We believe that the beating heart of a successful project is the management team. We believe in clarity and openness. Our team have decades of experience in the electronic design world and this has led to the development of our own web based project management software. This web based software has been specifically created under our guidance to meet our requirements and is unique.

When you shortlist electronic design houses to undertake your project, take a serious look at how they manage projects, and what tools they use. Record keeping, control documentation and comprehensive review processes are strong signals of a competent design house. Our web-based project management tools solve these problems and make our processes completely visible to you.

The extranet tool allows our team to combine together and work on the same projects whilst having complete visibility as to who is doing what and when. Time spent, costs expended, and actions both future and past are recorded.


Everyone in the team can see in a nutshell, what has been done, what is being worked on, and what the next step will be.

All projects are logged through the extranet. Our management team has immediate access to the latest up to the moment progress on every electronic design project we undertake.

We include you as part of our team. Logging into this secure website, you may view progress to date, and view your project design files as they are completed. This is completely secure and comprehensive.

Daily updates of progress are made in real-time, so that the actual work done by our engineers is visible as it is completed. Your approval of progress is required at specific milestones, and these are recorded as well. You have the visibility to see the exact same documents and records that we use.

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