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Electronic design solutions

We offer the complete electronic design solution. From idea to finished product, concept to production. We’re a proven UK company with a history of excellence for a range of different clients. Our standards and processes are of the highest standard of electronic design possible.

Above expectation, on time and on budget are standard for us. We have in-house design and production capabilities which means you get more control over the whole process. We offer a huge range of knowledge and resources that allow us to get you the very best results.

Motor Control

We design a range of electronics suitable for all types of motor control. This includes DC motors, stepper motors, AC motors and induction motors.

CE Marking

Here at Newbury Innovation we ensure that you as a manufacturer understand the steps to CE marking. We provide consultancy to help guide you through this process. There are programmes available to help you meet CE marking budgets. Costs depend on how much you’re prepared to carry out yourself.

Our guide will help you compile a file to help you meet the self certification requirements and enable the creation of a EU declaration of conformity to certify your product accordingly.

For clients who already have a CE Marking knowledge, we provide minimum administration commitment and offer a complete turnkey service.

From technical to approval testings, we will guide you on many aspects of CE marking. We will help you understand all of the jargon and help you get your product to market.

Download our free CE marking white paper.

What is CE marking?

CE Marking is required to show that the manufacturer has checked that a product meets EU safety guidelines. This allows the free movement of products within the EU market.  Getting your product CE Marked will confirm that it has been assessed by the manufacturer before being put on the market meeting all EU health, safety and environmental guidelines.

According to EU guidelines, EU markings are required. It is a manufacturers responsibility to ensure that their product conforms to EU directives and has been risked assessed. When a product fully complies with these standards it has “presumption of conformity” stating that the product is certified accordingly. EU guidelines may state that authorised national organisations must be involved in the conformity assessment.

The manufacturer of the product must write a technical file showing proof of conformity and assessment of risks in addition to EU declaration of conformity.  CE marking must be placed visibly on your product  in addition to an identification number issued by the national organisation who assessed the product.

Embedded systems using micro controllers

The team at Newbury Innovation have a large amount of experience in all types of embedded systems using microcontroller designs, this covers medical devices, CNC control,balanced battery chargers, monitoring and control systems and more.

Our systems integrate the following;

  • PIC controllers
  • Microcontrollers
  • Microprocessors
  • USB
  • Bluetooth
  • Ethernet
  • Digital embedded controls
  • Wireless
  • Serial communications
  • Battery Capability
  • Mains Capability
  • Signal Processing


The electronics we design are suitable for all types of lighting. This includes incorporating LED lighting, dimmer switch controls, DALI with USB designs and more.

Analogue Electronics Design

Having many years of experience, the Newbury Innovation team carry out expert analogue design. With careful consideration, our designs are influenced by a number of analogue layouts including earthing, partitioning, planes, decoupling, EMC & EMI, RF optimism, filtering, amplification, signal to noise ratios and noise floors.

Firmware Development

For all embedded applications, we carry out firmware design and development. Our applications include controller firmware; this brings signals from transducers and products to the real world.

Some of the Firmware Techniques include the following;

  • digital signal processing
  • signal processing from transducers
  • digital filters

To check and maintain the firmware quality, software quality assurance plans, reviews, auditing and testing is carried out. The programming is offered in a variety of languages including Assembler and C.

Software Development

We are constantly taking on new software projects relating to electronic hardware. Typically, companies require the development of acquisition software for decoding and presenting results from embedded microcontroller systems.

The Newbury Innovation team is able to undertake the following aspects;

  • Firmware and Acquisition software
  • hardened code
  • tick IT system
  • documentation
  • algorithms
  • state diagrams
  • flowcharts
  • software quality assurance
  • software quality plans
  • reviews
  • auditing
  • testing

Telecommunications and Radio Frequency

We offer electronic design for telecommunications and radio frequency appliances. We are experts in providing the following;

  • Telemetry
  • Radar
  • miwi
  • gps
  • keeloq
  • rfid
  • high attenuation
  • budgets
  • distortion phase group
  • manchester signalling
  • matched filters
  • optimised laser diodes
  • GPS tracking
  • licences
  • aquatic environments


We provide a variety of services ranging from product concept to enclosure design. We pay attention to detail regarding closely integrated electronics with enclosure design, resulting in low cost and ease of assembly with a quality finish.

EMC EMI safety test

We ensure that your electronic designs are EMC tested and are CE marked. We will guide you and ensure your product is successfully processed through EMC testing trials.

Download our free EMC Testing white paper here.

Electrical Power Systems Conversion

For all types of power conversions including motors, mains, relay control, thyristors and more, we design power electronics and other safety approvals.