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Need complete technical support?

Easily Accessible location

We are here to deal with all your electronic technical development requirements. You need reliable technical support when problems or opportunities arise and you need it on demand. You will want someone you can meet face to face and talk through the solutions to your engineering challenge. We are here in Newbury, Berkshire, easily accessible, ready to talk to you.

Team of technical specialists

We are individuals working as a team, and as such our engineering team offers you specialist skills which cover almost all eventualities. We have extensive expertise to cover most of our client’s needs, so if you come to us, you will not have to backtrack and find alternative support. It is our aim at the specification of a project to identify the technical crux. If we think that a feasibility study is required to ensure the objective is achievable, we will tell you. We will not accept projects which are outside the compass of our skills.

Meeting the future

Most electronic design projects are rife with possibilities even when a carefully considered specification has been prototyped and developed for production. It is all too easy for these development wish-lists to be left orphaned on completion of the development phase. If you are unable to move your project forward to meet the future as and when it is required, then your money will have been wasted. With our help and aid, this won’t happen.

Continued support post production

Through our sustainable engineering programme, we aim to support your product indefinitely. Within the envelope of an agreed annual budget, we will provide a prompt response to all your technical requests. You will know the annual cost and we will be there when you need us. No unanswered emails. No awkward silences. No brick walls. Your problem is our problem.