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Problems with offshore suppliers?

Choosing overseas suppliers comes at a price

A common topic with many clients is the difficulties they have with overseas suppliers. Clients seek us out to get their supply chain back into the UK. Headline unit prices from offshore suppliers may look good but long-term can be a risky investment. Cheap designs are useless without continuing support.


Often we hear that distant suppliers are unresponsive to requests for support that go beyond simple purchase order processing. Email questions are unanswered or misunderstood. This can lead to call and response ping pong without resolution. Detailed answers from overseas technical developers may become lost in translation. Personnel change and staff turnover may even cause big holes in your overseas supplier’s technical knowledge. Newbury Innovations philosophy is to respond promptly to all client requests, whilst keeping detailed records of all developments we have completed for future reference.

Deal directly with us

Clients report that they were unwittingly dealing through several layers of intermediaries. Tracking down who was actually designing or building their product was nigh impossible. At Newbury Innovation, you deal directly with a UK based team.

Intellectual property issues

Ownership and security of intellectual property is also in doubt when a design and manufacturing center is thousands of miles away. Alien legal systems may not offer any realistic possibility of recompense if something goes wrong. We at Newbury Innovation understand that our clients own their IP and that their success is our success. We are governed by UK law and our own ethics, and always aim to work entirely within its framework.

Transparency problems

Some suppliers try to establish a hold over their clients so that they can gain pricing control over captive production contracts. Many of our clients have found themselves in this bind before working with us. They cannot move their product to a new supplier because they have insufficient technical knowledge of their design even though they paid for the IP in full. We will never and have never engaged in such practices.

Technical data withdrawal

We have seen incomprehensible technical data from overseas suppliers. At Newbury Innovation we won’t lock you into our manufacturing process by withholding or limiting technical data transfer. You will have all of the technical information required to have your product manufactured anywhere. It will of course be in English.