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The electronic design process

Consider Your Initial Concept

The first step of the electronic design process is to outline the clients objectives to refine the concept. At this point, a brief written document is needed to specify the proposed project in technical language. This will be in simple terms so you have full understanding. You can then progress through the process.

Feasibility Study

The first step of the feasibility study is to check both the parts and major components the client plans to use. We then investigate how the cost of the project, in which we will identify the lowest costs available.
We look at the proof of concept hardware development and develop project specifications from your concept. We can then estimate costs of development and of the finished product. Once the feasibility study is complete, a written report is given to you for feedback. If any changes need to be made, a revised project specification is then carried out.

Hardware Development Phase

During the hardware development phase, we optimise costs and check availability of components. We then design the electronic circuit and produce the schematic design. First we generate a bill of materials. We then create the CAD layout of the PCB, and write the software and manufacturing of the bench top prototypes. Once the prototypes are manufactured, a test takes place and we’ll show you the results. Manufacturing costs and quotations will then be supplied.

Software and Firmware Development Phase

The next step is the software and firmware development phase. This consists of generating state diagrams and firmware documentation. We then give you well commented software code and testing of all prototypes to then present the results to the client.

Pre-production build

During the pre-production stage, we incorporate design revisions, generate the CAD layout, design the enclosure and fabricate pre-production PCBs. We then populate the PCBs needed and test the pre-production units against the specification to check if any revisions are necessary before the results are presented to you. We can then finalise the production build.

Production Phase

The final stage of the design process is the production phase. We design the multi-circuit bare PCB pallet and manufacture the laser cut solder paste screens. We then programme the pick and places, AOI and flying probe machines. This is then followed by the manufacture and test of the production units to the final specification.

Make an Enquiry

Using this process, we are happy to tailor electronic design projects to your requirements. To get a design quote, please use the quote form below or contact us on 01635 40347.