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Want rapid technical response?

Fast and within budget

We know time to market is crucial. When opportunities arise they must be seized, the world does not stand still. We are here to help you achieve your objectives promptly. We deliver electronic development projects on time and within budget and make the whole process as smooth as possible.

In-house manufacturing

In addition, a good technical solution is useless if it cannot be manufactured in time and we have that covered as well. Our in-house manufacturing facilities are second to none, and we are a rare combination of electronic design engineers with serious manufacturing facilities at our disposal. Our sister PCB Train PCB manufacturing and PCB population services are at your service. We won’t have to wait for external suppliers to supply any sort of circuit boards. This means far fewer delays.

Integrated design and manufacture

Our electronic design facility and PCB assembly plant are physically adjacent, so any technical production or quality issues are also dealt with promptly and seamlessly. We will not get bogged down in design for manufacture issues. We know the manufacturing problems inside out, and automatically apply all the lessons we have learnt the hard way.

Our extensive technical expertise combined with in-house PCB and electronic manufacturing facilities gives us the resources to meet your demanding lead-times. We manufacture many thousands of different assemblies each year. We have many parallel SMD production lines which allow simultaneous production of SMD assemblies. We have the means to prioritise production as we see fit.

If you have an urgent need for a technical solution to be out in the market place, we are the people to talk to.