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Sustainable Engineering


Our service doesn’t have to end simply because your original electronic design or development brief is completed. We have a continual support service which we call our Sustainable Engineering program. The option to take part in this program is available to any clients who we have completed electronic design projects for.

We are conscious of our responsibility to support our clients for the long term. We assiduously work to meet the specifications of our projects defined during the initial phases.

During the course of development, opportunities frequently arise to improve a product beyond the original project specification.

So should you find that after achievement of the original project specification your goal posts have moved, then extra costs can be covered by our sustainable engineering programme.


We provide annually renewable continuing engineering support beyond initial project completion and acceptance. This enables us to fund and maintain engineering excellence and place it at your disposal to maintain and develop your project for the future, as you require.

There are some boundaries to the extent and scope of work we will undertake, but we will give clear guidance on availability of time and material budgets. Our aim is to provide an open gateway to our electronic engineering support which will cover most of your day to day technical needs.

We’re concerned with the outcome of your project after it has left our production line. We understand that small tweaks and changes are essential to successful electronic design, and this is why we give our clients the option of using our Sustainable Engineering program.

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