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Technical Support

Sustained technical support after project completion

The completion of an electronic design project with Newbury Innovation does not mean that clients will be cut-off from technical support. The very nature of electronic design means that adaptability is related to success. This is something that we’ve learnt during our 50 years experience in the electronics industry. Minor changes and alterations are sometimes needed following project completion to insure that your design fits the brief as securely as possible. We have a technical support programme called “sustained engineering” to meet this need.

This provides continuing engineering support which is renewable annually, commencing after project completion and acceptance. Sustained engineering funds engineering support for the maintenance and future development of your project for as long as you require it.

Typical issues after product launch

Sustained engineering support is particularly valuable for dealing with issues such as:

• Early life failures
• Standards approval
• EMC testing
• Design for manufacture

Moving your project forward

Most electronic design projects become alive with possibilities even when a carefully considered specification has been prototyped and developed for production. It is all too easy for these development wish-lists to be left orphaned on completion of the product development phase. If you are unable to move your project forward to meet the future as and when it is required, then your money will have been wasted. Through our sustained engineering programme, you will ensure your product is kept at the leading edge in your market.

Support on demand

Issues, opportunities and problems can arise. Dealing with them promptly and effectively is essential for smooth development. This is why we offer technical support on demand. Alternatively, we’re easily accessible if you need to speak to us in person. We’re located in Newbury, Berkshire and are always willing to speak with you. Being based in the UK has many benefits in regards to the smooth running of your design project.

Our engineering team has an incredibly varied specialist skill set which covers all the problems that could arise. We even conduct thorough feasibility studies at the onset of a project to see if your concept is possible. We have experience in the conception, production and development of a wide range of products.

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