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Who We Work With

Our Electronic Design Philosophy

We work closely with our clients to ensure that our design projects start and remain on track. All key stages of the electronic design process are kept in-house where possible. Our principle electronic design and CAD tool is Altium.

Design For Manufacture

Since our electronic design team is embedded within a PCB and PCB assembly manufacturing facility, design for manufacture (DFM) is a natural priority.

Mechanical Design

With respect to mechanical design, we partner with selected mechanical designers to ensure not only a satisfactory aesthetic look, but also that the finished product is robust, and that our electronics combine elegantly with related enclosures.


We regularly work with local EMC test houses and our design experience ensures our products enjoy a smooth passage through EMC testing.

Who we’ve designed and developed for

We’re known for leaping into uncharted territory. Some of our past projects involve making electrified gates for farms, a touch screen drinks dispenser, a bike rack safety system, a fuel gauge sensor and a premium coffee roaster. We’ve even upgraded the Royal Navy on-board radar systems and implemented a unique radar system which is still used in regional airports worldwide. What we design and develop makes a difference – and it lasts.

We’re trusted

We design and develop products that work correctly, communicating every step of the way to meet your exact specification. Our design experience is unparalleled and we have a completely transparent process. We even have access to the previously mentioned PCB manufacturing service to make sure everything is done promptly and properly. Come to us with an idea or concept and let us take it to a finished product like we have done for many others before.

The Newbury Electronics group

PCB Train

PCB Train

Printed Circuit Boards can be ordered online through PCB Train - the express 24 hour PCB prototyping service.

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Newbury Electonics

Newbury Electonics

Established since 1956, Newbury Electronics is a leading electronics manufacturing company in the UK.

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