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Working as part of NEL and PCB Train

At Newbury Innovation our electronic design expertise is supported by our ongoing relationship with Newbury Electronics and PCB Train. NE has been established since 1956. We’re proud to be closely associated with a company that has such rich electronic design and development heritage.

PCB Train is a leading UK supplier of printed circuit boards. They’re another large and prestigious company and we use their state-of-the-art facilities for top quality circuit manufacture.

Newbury Innovation utilises the production facilities of Newbury Electronics Ltd. for both printed circuit boards and assembly. At our disposal is a fast turnaround manufacturing capability which, when necessary, can be utilised to achieve extreme delivery times.

Newbury Electronics are renowned for their rapid production speed, delivering lightning-fast products to customers without sacrificing quality; values which we are provide on for ourselves.

When low cost is important, then our PCB Train Express 24 hour PCB prototyping service is widely used for proof of concept prototypes, together with the PCB Train assembly service.

Close liaison with production personnel ensures that your product is manufactured to the highest quality. We really value their input, as nothing can replace hard-earned expertise that has been established since the 1950s.

The ability to make in-house, rapid and low-cost spins of prototype electronics at any stage in the design process is a rare advantage found amongst few professional electronic design teams.

This is what sets us apart as an electronic design company, and it is why we’re proud to say that we can offer you what we call a complete solution. Work with us and watch your project go from concept to physical production.

The Newbury Electronics group

PCB Train

PCB Train

Printed Circuit Boards can be ordered online through PCB Train - the express 24 hour PCB prototyping service.

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Newbury Electonics

Newbury Electonics

Established since 1956, Newbury Electronics is a leading electronics manufacturing company in the UK.

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