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Dofygate - The Electrified Field and Yard Gate

We provided our unique design expertise to the Dofygate project. The Dofygate is an electrified gate built specifically for farms. The gate is automatically operated (opened and closed) via a keyfob from a farmer’s vehicle so that the laborious getting in and out of vehicles to open and close gates can be avoided.

Recently this innovative technology has been used for many other purposes including on driveways, dog gates, industrial locations, schools and many other uses. The gate is able to simultaneously control traffic or animals where need be, and be extremely convenient for all types of operations. The Dofygate successfully remedies all of the issues typically faced by other gates in these settings.

The electronic design and development included in-depth research into electric shock requirements to safely discourage a range of livestock from attempting to pass through the gate together with minimal power consumption. It successfully makes the animal hesitate and allows for drivers to enter or leave even when animals are lurking around the gateway. This saves a whole lot of time and effort. They’re even solar powered with no wires whatsoever to install. All you need are the two fobs that come with the gate that allow for the gate to be opened. The dofygate is designed as an extremely space conscious installation, occupying no more space than a gate post.

The product has developed into an extremely successful product – and we are proud to have played a part in turning their unique concept into a functioning, successful product.

Client’s testimonial:

“We have been working with Newbury Electronics and their electronics design engineer for the last 12 months.
The remit was clear but the means of getting there was not as this was uncharted territory both in terms of output and the constraints we placed on the project in terms of power consumption. The prototypes were completed within the time frame and subsequent modifications were dealt with in a timely manner but more importantly with a determination to get it right. The production board is doing everything we have asked of it and the power consumption is better than we hoped.”

Jim Alston, Dofygate.

Dofygate - The Electrified Field and Yard Gate

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