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Date: 2014-09-02

The PURE Water Company Touch Screen Drinks Dispenser

The Pure Water Company manufactures designer drinks dispensers suitable for use in the most aesthetically and physically demanding environments. If you need an visually pleasing, robust and reliable machine to dispense drinks, this is a great example of one.

The development of this product involved designing a modern touch screen interface to fit into a small enclosure, and control a range of drinks dispensing units. Newbury Innovation have wide experience in fitting electronic designs into existing or new enclosure designs. This process involved close cooperation between enclosure and electronic designer, a method of development we are very used to. Essential to this design was balancing the function of the dispenser with a modern, beautiful appearance. The water is filtered 3 separate times and cooled appropriately. The dispenser is then able to output pure still, sparkling and ambient water.

The PURE Water Company‘s Touch Tap is regularly used in many different businesses offices, cutting down plastic waste and cutting down the need for individual coolers and hefty installations.

We have used an innovative technology so that we can help The Pure Water Company bring a drinks dispenser into environments where a unique and robust dispenser is required.

Every Pure Water product is functionally tested with ATE (automatic test equipment) bespoke designed and manufactured by Newbury Electronics to make sure it functions correctly and optimally.

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