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Design Recovery

Design Recovery for Electronics

Here at Newbury Innovation, we encounter many companies who start developments with contractors, and for whatever reason (project planning, timeliness, functional issues, overrun of budget, misunderstood expectations), find themselves without stable working prototypes over a year after starting development.
The team here at Newbury Innovation are experienced in design recovery. We can work with what you’ve got from your original contractor to investigate the underlying system architecture and come up with a plan to re-establish the project

Design Gone Wrong?

Our in-house testing capabilities means we can work with your existing design to determine what is going wrong and where we can rebuild to remove the weakness delivering a sound product for the marketplace.

Reverse Engineering

At times where you have your finished product but no longer possess the design architecture and coding our team can look to reverse engineer your product so you can begin to reproduce it, make improvements or identify opportunities to reduce production costs.
At NI it is with pride that we commit to seeing our clients through to selling in the marketplace, and our offering supports that. Providing the specification isn’t turned on its head, we will tweak, modify, remake prototypes, test to meet standards and do whatever is necessary to see your project through to the finish line. What’s more, we’ll offer post-market support at very reasonable rates.

Contact our team to find out more about our design recovery and reverse engineering capabilities.

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PCB Train

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Newbury Electonics

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