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Electronic Design Services

Electronics design is the process of designing, developing and manufacturing the electronic hardware that’s necessary for a project. It’s the resistors, capacitors, chips, screens, etc. that are necessary to bring the function of your design to life. The special things you wish your design to do, like monitoring pressures, temperatures and voltages, and then taking actions like displaying the results on a screen or App, are all brought together physically in the hardware.

The Complete Electronic Design Service at Newbury Innovation

Newbury Innovation offer complete design and development solutions to inventors, start-ups, small businesses and anyone else looking to work with a reputable UK company. If you are looking for an electronic product design company to take your idea from a concept and develop it into production, we can help you.

Experienced design consultants

Our experienced electronic design engineers deal with a wide variety of projects including hardware and software development, as well as this as part of the Newbury Group we are well equipped to deal with your PCB designs. We’re proven in analogue integrated circuit design, radio-frequency design, hardware and embedded system design and anything else involving electrical engineering expertise, including as part of a product design process. Our principle electronic design and CAD tool is Altium.

Ongoing Technical Support

With our sustainable engineering programme we aim to support your product indefinitely. Within an agreed annual budget, we provide a prompt response to all your technical requests which proves cost effective in the long term.

We work closely with our clients to ensure that our design projects start and remain on track. All key stages of the electronic design process are kept in-house where possible.

The Newbury Electronics group

PCB Train

PCB Train

Printed Circuit Boards can be ordered online through PCB Train - the express 24 hour PCB prototyping service.

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Newbury Electonics

Newbury Electonics

Established since 1956, Newbury Electronics is a leading electronics manufacturing company in the UK.

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