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Software Design Company

Software Design Company

We are experts in the field of software design. Our software is developed to work in harmony with our firmware and hardware, and we employ rigorous testing at every stage of the development process. This ensures that the end product is of the highest possible standard.

This dedicated work ethic and sharp attention to detail has been established throughout our 50 years of experience in the electronics industry. We’ve adapted and innovated to maintain our presence in an ever-shifting field, and we apply these values to every project that we take on.

Windows, Linux, iOS and Android

Software platforms or operating systems we have experience of include Windows, Linux, iOS and Android. For Windows/Linux we write both native GUI based applications (typically using the QT framework, but also .NET) and server-based applications (mostly on Linux written in C++, Node.js, Java or PHP).

Complementing Bespoke Hardware

Usually, the electronic software we develop will be something a user interacts with in order to control the bespoke hardware. These are aspects of the software that relay information to the user and provide a means to input data or instructions. We understand exactly how these technologies need to work together to create the best possible finished product.

Front End Development

We start the electronic software design process by developing the applications front-end first. In this way, customers can see our progress and perhaps identify any usability issues at an early stage. This is possible because the front-end does not usually depend on the firmware being fully functional. Because firmware development often begins in parallel with the software development, it can be a few days before the firmware is at a stage where software can communicate with it. By concentrating on the software’s front-end first, we ensure development is not held up by having to wait for firmware completion.

Linking up Firmware

Once firmware is at a stage where it is communicative via suitable interface software (USB, Ethernet, Serial, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc.), then development of the software’s back-end can begin. This is where management of the link and transfer of data between software and firmware occurs. At this point, firmware is ready to enter the testing phase.

Testing Phase

Software back-end development continues until it is tied in with the front-end and is also ready to enter the testing phase. Testing of software and firmware involves taking clients through the formal test procedure created during a project’s specification phase. We demonstrate every feature of the software, firmware and hardware has been implemented successfully before we consider our electronic software design process to be complete.

All software is uploaded onto the extranet and made available to you.

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