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Electronic Design Services

The complete electronic design service

Newbury Innovation offer complete design solutions to inventors, startups, small businesses and anyone else looking to work with a reputable UK company. We provide these electronic product design services from concept to production. As part of the Newbury Electronics Group, established in the 1950s, by working with us you benefit from years of experience developing electronic design projects. You get design, development and manufacture all under one roof with us.

Experienced design consultants

We have refined and improved our processes and solutions to ensure we offer a high standard of service to our clients. This experience is why we’re such skilled electronic designers and can offer such a high quality service. We never stop striving to make ourselves better, just like our clients in their search for innovation. We work across many different sectors including the industrial, sport, commercial, entertainment, telecommunications, military and medical sectors.

Working with UK-based engineers

There are many different benefits to working with a electronic design service based in the UK. Taking a product from concept to production effectively needs constant communication – this is key to our service.

Within budget and on time, every time

We consistently deliver finished products on time, on budget and more importantly exactly to specification. Our in-house design and production capabilities allow us to create the best results for our clients. If need be, we will conduct feasibility studies to make sure your project is viable practically and financially.

The intent of our electronic design services

Despite best intentions and hard work, there are often issues at the post prototype and pre-production stages. It may be the product needs tweaking for the market. This is regularly a huge drain on resources for the business involved. That’s why we offer service known as the sustained engineering contract. This 12 month support contract covers post prototype development issues (EMC testing, fault finding and correction, CE marketing advice, etc) and comes as standard with our development contract. It’s also renewable upon expiry.

All under one roof

You will only be working with us as we complete every aspect in-house. We have access to the incredible facilities of Newbury Electronics, giving us amazing capabilities when it comes to electronics. This keeps it simple for you and improves the end result considerably.

Embedded systems using microcontrollers

An embedded system is a computer system performing a dedicated function within a larger electrical or mechanical system. We have a wealth of experience in all types of embedded systems using microcontroller designs, covering medical devices, CNC control, balanced battery chargers, monitoring, control systems and more.

Our systems integrate the following:

• PIC controllers
• Microcontrollers
• Bluetooth
• Ethernet
• Digital embedded controls
• Wireless
• Serial communications
• Battery Capability
• Mains Capability
• Signal Processing
• PC/laptop application (Linux, Windows)
• Apps for mobiles (Apple and Android)

Analogue Electronics Design

We have many years of experience – that’s why we carry out our own in-house expert analogue design. Careful consideration means our designs take all analogue layouts into account. This includes earthing, partitioning, planes, decoupling, EMC, EMI, RF optimism, filtering, amplification, signal to noise ratios and noise floors. We do everything possible to make your product a safe, functioning reality.

Systems Conversion For Electrical Power

We design power electronics and other safety approvals for all power conversions including mains, motors, relay controls, thyristors and more.

Embedded Applications & Firmware

Embedded applications call for specialist firmware design and development. This includes controller firmware – this brings signals from transducers and products to the real world.

Some of our firmware techniques include the following:

• Digital signal processing
• Signal processing from transducers
• Digital filters

A variety of languages including Assembler, C & C++. Software quality assurance plans, reviews, auditing and testing are carried out diligently to check and maintain firmware quality.

Our Software Capabilities

We are experts in new software projects relating to electronic hardware. Usually, electronic design companies require the development of acquisition software for decoding and presenting results from embedded microcontroller system. Often, systems use bluetooth connectivity and control by smartphone or tablet apps.

We’re proven in the following aspects:

• IOS and Android Apps
• Firmware and Acquisition software
• Hardened code
• Tick IT system
• Documentation
• Algorithms
• State diagrams
• Flowcharts
• Software quality assurance
• Software quality plans
• Reviews
• Auditing
• Testing

Radio Frequency and Telecommunications

We offer design for telecommunications and radio frequency appliances. We have extensive experience in these fields:

• Bluetooth
• Telemetry
• Radar
• MiWi microchip wireless protocol
• KeeLoq (used in remote keyless code entry systems)
• High attenuation
• Distortion phase group
• Manchester signalling
• Matched filters
• Optimised laser diodes
• GPS tracking
• Licences
• Aquatic environments

Re-engineering of obsolete designs

Obsolete electronics can present problems. Chronic faults and poor spares availability need to be addressed. We can provide help to find modern substitutes for faulty components. If required, we can re-engineer your system using modern surface mount components. You will benefit from the rewards of improved performance from new technologies together with lower costs and longer system life.


Our designs are suitable for all types of lighting, this includes LEDs, dimmer switch controls, DALI and DMX including USB designs.

Motor Control

We design a range of electronics suitable for all types of motor control, including DC motors, stepper motors, AC motors and induction motors.

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